Natural biomass is refined into fuels in pelleting and briquetting plants to be used as alternatives for oil and gas in private households, commerce and industry.

End products meet the standards of ENplus A1/A2 pellets, industrial pellets, wood  and bark briquettes. The need to reduce CO2 globally will play a major part in the future. In particular, large coal-fired power plants will endeavor to use large quantities of industrial pellets as a substitute for coal (-> co-firing: the combustion of biogenic fuels at the same time).

Designers of fully automatic pellet and briquette production plants must possess extensive knowledge of the latest plant technology and  raw material preparation for chipping, sieving and drying as well as pressing and storage - the selection of energy efficient and cost effective energy production is just as essential as a perfectly chosen logistics concept for material flow at the production site.

längle engineers® offers extensive experience in the development and realization of wood pellet and briquette production plants with production capacities of 40,000 to 400,000 tonnes per year.