We specialize in an abundance of engineering  possibilities and position ourselves on the global market totally in keeping with the motto “Do what you are good at with great passion”.

Energy” the basis of all production and development projects is defined by us as our specialist area at längle engineers®

Energy production and control are the core competencies of our engineering work. We specialize in an almost  endless array of  energy sharing  for  different types of energy (cold, heat, compressed air, etc.) as well as energy plants for supplying development areas but also small supply units in stationary and/or mobile form (energy container). Not just for global political correctness but for personal conviction and motivation we always strive to incorporate the use of alternative non-fossil fuels into our plant concepts as far as possible without ignoring the economic aspects of the whole plant.

Our accumulated technical expertise and experience in large fuel production plants for refining wood-based raw materials (pellets, briquettes, etc.) enables us  to offer our customers and partners unique solutions in developing and completing these kinds of projects.