Evaluation of all basic conditions is the most important first step for serious and effective project management.

The more detailed the basic conditions are documented, the greater the accuracy, the higher the optimization and the faster the  project develops.

“Knowledge” about basic conditions and relationships makes it possible  to respond comprehensively to all of the project’s conditions right from the start.


  • Determining the technical and commercial data and facts relevant to the project (e.g. performance data, consumption data, sales options, raw material procurement, etc.)
  • Creating a list of basics
  • Creating a specification for project in question together with the customer
  • Organizing and preparing the required documents, such as site maps, overview of energy supply, official regulations, land use designation documents, etc.
  • Inventories and digitalization (CAD)


  • Specification
  • Collected documents with list of contents
  • Table of the calculated data combined with a room, plant and/or media book
  • Evaluation report with recommendations and information for further action or the rest of the project
  • Digitalized planning documents from inventories (CAD)