A pre-study is carried out for the project in question based on the completed “evaluation” (M1).

The aim of this pre-study is twofold: (i) present evidence of the project’s economic viability and chances of success, and (ii) define the technical requirements and measures and the general framework conditions.

The result is an analysis of the different technical and commercial options to provide the basis for the rest of the project development.

When this module’s services are completed, expected project costs in the form of a detailed cost estimate and/or calculation can be provided.


  • Specification
  • Collected documents with list of contents


  • Pre-selecting the viable and possible plant technology
  • Predetermining the required building, room and area requirements
  • Checking and defining the logistical requirements
  • Assessing and presenting different system components (costs as well as technical advantages and disadvantages)
  • Calculating the applicable energy and raw material costs
  • Producing energy and raw material data (material flow analysis)
  • Calculating the emission and immission values
  • Checking the financing options and any possible funding for project realization
  • Static and dynamic economic efficiency calculation
  • Checking the technical plant options (three options at the most which are selected based on experience)
  • Diagram of the respective plant principle (for three options at the most)
  • Checking and defining any existing official and/or environmental requirements, as necessary
  • Detailed cost estimate and/or calculation